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Why is Life so Challenging?

Do you often wonder…is there a point to it all?

Do you sometimes feel buried alive by the process of life?

Being human is no joke….

and only the strongest warriors of light take it on.

Most of the time life feels like a never ending circle of struggle, It seems messy and confusing.

But just as the forest floor appears chaotic and wild…

if we look closer we’ll discover beauty, order and perfection. Everything exists in peace and harmony.

Like a single seed scattered on the forest floor,

we too dropped down from the heavens to be buried in the toxicity of life on earth.

We’ll struggle to push through the many deep layers of painful cycles of abuse from our past.

The pain and madness causes us to break free of our tiny seed shells

and forge through the dark unknown…seeking a new way…seeking our own truth.

We’ll have days when the pain is too much and all we can do is sit in the dark….building our strength to once again continue on.

But one day our persistence will pay off and we’ll break free from our dark pasts and burst into the light.

We’ll stretch and enjoy the warmth of the sun on our faces.

And we’ll quickly learn that there are new challenges to be faced.

We’ll experience flooding, gale force winds and even a stray boot stomping on our heads.

We’ll wonder if we made the right choice…only to realize there’s no going back.

As tender young plants we’re vulnerable and there are many obstacles that seem to want to prevent us from reaching our fullest potential.

Remember, every great hero needs a good villain..or two.

As we continue to mature we’ll see how the floods

purged us of unhealthy connections….

How the gale force winds removed toxic attachments

that were draining our very life force.

How the crushing blow from the seemingly stray boot

was a huge wake up call from a loving Universe.

One day we’ll realize we’re no longer vulnerable seedlings struggling to survive…but strong impenetrable rose bushes full of protective thorns.

It’s life's harshest challenges that teach us how to find the strength within ourselves.

Every “villain” that tries to prevent us from reaching our fullest potential

is actually a teacher in disguise.

They’ll force us to love and appreciate ourselves.

They’ll force us to create healthy boundaries…to value our peace.

To see our own worthiness and beauty…

to seek our own truth and reclaim our power.

Without them, we would never reach our fullest potential.

We would never go within and discover our true selves.

Like the delicate inner fragrance of a rose, the essence of who we truly are lies within ourselves.

As mature magnificent roses, we are safe to blossom,

to open our protective petals and share our unique beauty with the world.

The mess of our lives becomes our message of hope and inspiration to others.

And just like a great book must be read from cover to cover to be fully understood….judging our lives based on the chapter we are in

isn’t the complete story.

Because as long as we have breathe in our lungs….

the amazing story of our lives is still being written.

Whatever chapter you are in right now is only a small part

of the greatest story ever written.

Until next time, be gentle with yourself and

Remember, you are so much more than you have allowed yourself to believe.

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