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Heaven or Hell, your inner child holds the key

Every thought we think, every word we speak…we’re casting spells…

telling the Universe what we wish to experience ….creating our own realities.

As young children…we knew this.

We knew that we were aspects of God with the right to be, do, or have anything our heart desired.

We knew we held the key to heaven's gate and could access everything…through our imagination, our ability to live in the present moment and our never wavering faith that whatever we asked for was always given.

Where along lifes’ journey did we lose our childlike innocence?

Our unwavering trust in a benevolent Universe?

As we age we tend to get further and further away from our child self….caught up in living lives of survival that rob us of our peace, joy and happiness.

Time is fluid and everything that has ever happened and will ever happen is all happening in this moment.

Meaning, your child self still exists within every cell of your body…and depending on how happy, healthy and safe they feel….dictates whether they are creating a heavenly reality for you or a hellish one.

Can you recall your child self?

Full of wonder and innocence…

Living in the moment as pure unconditional love…

A brand new tiny human straight from God.

Arguably more God than human.

Think back to your childhood…..was it full of security and love?

Or was it full of fear and pain, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual?

For the vast majority of us, our inner child is wounded and in pain.

Has suffered abuse, neglect, trauma, fear and many other things not love.

Children who are scared, and hurt create worlds of fear and pain.

My mother grew up associating love with pain and passed the same unhealed message to my little child self. It’s not my mother’s fault. It’s not my fault…. but as the healer of my family's lineage, it is my responsibility to heal it.

I had to find and love all the aspects of myself that were hiding, afraid and conditioned to believe they were unworthy of being loved. All the aspects of myself that had run for cover in order to survive the unhealed trauma of the adults in my life.

Once I began integrating these many aspects of my young self….my outer world began shifting to a more heavenly experience. And If I can do it….so can you

Think about it….Is your inner child scared and in pain, waiting to be rescued?

We come in as sweet, innocent babes and are re-programmed to love conditionally,

to fear the future, to believe in scarcity and lack, and to believe that we are unworthy.

The veil between worlds is formed and shaped when we’re young and by the age of 8 our human ego is so solidly in place that our recollection of ourselves as aspects of the Divine, is all but a hazy memory.

But what if this was the plan all along…. to forget….. only to then enjoy the journey of re-membering?

I mean, how could we possibly experience ourselves as human beings without first forgetting ourselves as aspects of God?

In the world of polarity that we call home, in order to experience anything, we must first experience its opposite.

What if this is the journey we signed up to experience?

The hero's journey….the lightworkers journey….….the spiritual journey.

An internal journey of reclaiming our beautiful innocence….our own power and light…a journey of re-membering…our journey back to our true creator selves.

What if the journey home to ourselves is a journey of healing our wounded inner child…allowing us to once again become like little children and enter the kingdom of heaven?

I’m not talking about heaven as a destination after death….but our ability to create heaven here on earth by remembering who we truly are.

“Unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

The kingdom of heaven lies within each one of us.

The key to creating the life we want is held in the hands of our happy, healthy, safe, secure, inner child.

To experience heaven on earth, we must re-member who we truly are.

We must become our own hero.

Our own mother. Our own father, our own protector. Because we alone know what our little self needs to feel safe and loved.

What’s preventing you from rescuing your innocent inner child?

Your past does not have to dictate your future.

But it’s up to you to take your life back.

To take back your light. Take back your inheritance.

To take responsibility for your life and reclaim your power by loving your magical child self.

Healing the wounded inner child is one of the most beautiful aspects of the healing work I do. You don’t have to do it alone. We can create heaven on earth together.

Until next time, be gentle with yourself and remember you are so much more than you have allowed yourself to believe.

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