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Normal? What is normal in a crazy world?

Do you ever feel like you don’t fit in?

Like nobody gets the real you?

Do you strive to blend in….to be “normal”?

What does “normal” even mean?

According to the Oxford dictionary “normal” means conforming to a standard, usual, typical or expected.

Ew!!! Why did I EVER want to be NORMAL????

Oh yeah, because I wanted to fit in….I wanted what we all want….acceptance and love.

And I was willing to be “normal” to “conform” to be anything anybody wanted me to be.

I went along with society's normal and got good grades and went to college.

I went along with society telling me I was a wretched sinner…just for being born.

I repented and took Jesus into my heart.

I wanted to be loved….I wanted to be saved.

I bought into the American dream and the “happily ever after” I was sold as a child. I got married, bought a house, had 2 kids. I played by the rules. I did what I was told. I paid my taxes and my tithes….I was a good girl.

And when I was 43…. the price of conforming, of not being my true self, of playing small, and trying to fit into this crazy world nearly cost me my life.

That whole time I was looking for someone else to love me…someone else to save me…when in truth all I ever needed was myself.

I saved loving me.

If humans are created in the image of God, then we carry a spark of the creator of the universe inside of us.

Does the creator make copies?

Does the creator clone a standard, a mold, a “one size fits all” human being?

Of course not! Even snowflakes are all unique and different.

No two fingerprints are alike…… and no two humans are exactly the same.

It’s not our fault we tried to blend in….that we wanted to conform.

It’s nobody’s fault.

This world teaches us we aren’t enough, teaches us to conform….to seek happiness, joy, love and a savior outside of ourselves.

We innocently walk around with unhealed trauma and abuse…with toxic beliefs from our society.

We lack healthy boundaries and become codependent giving our power away.

The teachings of this world are all a distraction. All smoke and mirrors.

All an attempt to steal our power and lead us away from our true discovery....the remembrance of who we truly are!

We are powerful angelic human beings who’s Divine birthright is to experience peace, joy, love, and abundance.

We aren’t here to be cookie cutter human beings.

To work to survive to die.

We are here to embody our true Divine creator selves… to create a new world and lead the way for others like a lighthouse on a stormy night.

Don’t you hear your soul calling you home?

Your heart whispering to you…”you are here to do something important.”

What is conforming to this insane world’s definition of “normal” costing you?

I dare you to take off the shackles of conformity and set yourself free.

Open the door of your prison cell….

A door that has been unlocked the whole time.

Find your courage and walk out that door, go up those stairs, and into the light of a world in need of your brilliance, your magnificence, your uniqueness.

Of the billions of people on this planet, there is only one you….

And you have a contribution to make to this world that only you can make…you truly matter.

In this crazy world where you can be anything…..please….be you.

Until next time be gentle with yourself and remember you are so much more than you have allowed yourself to believe.

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