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How to reconnect to your guidance system

Do you find yourself saying…somebody just TELL ME…please!

Wouldn’t it make things easier if we just knew?!

Knew why we were here…

What we came to do….

Knew the bigger picture?

Life is the biggest road trip we could ever take and yet it feels like we’re traveling with no road map, no itinerary, no funds….

But would knowing really be helpful?

If we knew when we were planning our wedding that it would only last a decade and end in a bitter divorce…would that help?

Would we still get married?

Would we get married and be determined to prove life wrong?

What if we knew we would become parents only to outlive our child.

Would we still have that child?

And endure that heartache?

What if part of us DOES know?

When you take a trip…say to a foreign country…do you take all of your belongings?

Do you pack every item of clothing, every toiletry and knick knack that you own?

Lol….of course not!

You leave the majority of your belongings at home because you know you‘ll be returning.

What if, like that trip to a foreign country, we leave the bigger part of ourselves at home?

What if only a small part of who we truly are

is here having this experience and the bigger part is guiding us in every moment?

And what if, like ET, we can phone home at any time?

Not with an actual phone, or even a walkie talkie…

But we can tune into our emotions, which are our connection to that bigger aspect of ourselves.

Our emotions tell us where we are on our path in every moment.

And it’s okay if you forgot how.

We’ve been conditioned to ignore our feelings… trust our minds instead.

We’ve been conditioned to ignore our own guidance system.

But we can learn to tune back into our feelings again, like we did when we were kids.

It just takes practice…but we can do it.

It’s like riding a bike;)

It didn’t go anywhere…it’s still there, still guiding, still giving us input.

And we can choose to listen again.

That bigger part of ourselves, is like having a spotter while rock climbing.

The spotter doesn’t prevent us from falling but will help us land clear of dangerous objects like cacti and tree limbs.

Having a good relationship with our spotter gives us the confidence to try more challenging climbs and reach higher heights.

They know the bigger picture; they have the roadmap in their hands, and they are constantly guiding us.

Remember how you felt when you met that person?

You know, the one, the one that did you wrong.

When you first met them…what was your initial gut reaction?

Was it “uh oh” or “um no”?

Did you override that response with “Be nice” or “Don’t judge”

or “Everybody deserves a chance”?

And how did that turn out?

When we ignore our GPS, our spotter…. we fall.

We may not have broken our neck and died, but we fell hard, and we broke something!

Maybe we kept seeing red flags…but chose to turn a blind eye.

We were being warned of rocky terrain ahead…but we didn't heed the warning!

Taking that rocky path was painful too!

The bigger aspect of us won’t stop us from choosing our path.

Won’t prevent us from falling or taking rougher terrain.

Won’t interfere with our free will choice.

We’re free to have any experience we want.

And just like how we make an itinerary of things we want to see and experience while visiting a new place…

There are things we’ve chosen to experience while we are here…and some of them are brutally painful.

But our spotter is always with u,.

wrapping their arms around us and

helping us find our way through.

We can remember how to connect to our body’s wisdom…our intuition… our guidance system….our GPS.

We can learn to quiet our minds and listen to our own inner knowing.

We can remember how to find our best way forward…within ourselves.

We can learn to trust ourselves again.

Trust that if we don’t know something…it’s in our best interest not to know;)

Trust that when we’re ready…we’ll know what to do.

Trust that we’re always on the right path.

That we can’t get it wrong.

That we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be.

That there IS a bigger plan and that each one of us have a v

Trust that you are being guided by the bigger aspect of yourself that loves you more than you could possibly know.

Until next time, be gentle with yourself and remember

You are so much more than you’ve allowed yourself to believe ~

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