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Everything you need is within you

Have you ever heard the phrase “you have everything you need inside of you”?

And thought….um, I don’t have a new house inside of me, or a new car, or food or a lover or a million dollars…um No. None of those things are inside of me.

This statement took me a long time to fully grasp…but once I got what it truly meant… my life began to change.

If we think only in terms of things we can see, feel and touch…like a house, a lover, or money….we miss the meaning entirely.

The only way we can understand this phrase is through our feelings….

Think about it like this….when we want a million dollars…what do we want to feel by having a million dollars? Is it Security? Abundance? Freedom? Peace?

All those things already exist inside of us….

In order to experience abundance, freedom, peace or anything else, we must first feel those things within ourselves.

Our feelings hold the key to our external reality.

Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and we alone have the ability to change it.

If we want to experience peace….we have to find peace within ourselves.

If we want to feel loved…first we must love ourselves.

If we want to feel secure in a world that feels unsafe…we must first feel secure within ourselves. With who we truly are…a spark of the Divine created in the image of God, knowing that Love, peace, joy, and abundance is our birthright.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that our security, that our happiness, and our abundance are only found in things outside of us….whether it's a house, a car, a degree, a baby, a lover….on and on it goes.

If you’re a parent, you know this scenario all too well…our kids will beg us for the latest must have fad. We want our children to be happy. We want to give them the world. We want them to feel how much we love them. We bask in being able to give them what they want even though it is inevitably short lived and all too soon they are begging for the next favorite new thing….round and round it goes.

We’re programmed to believe that we’ll be happy only when we acquire…..fill in the blank.

And we’re innocently programming our children to believe the same false message.

Nothing….no thing external will ever provide any lasting internal feeling. Nothing.

Feelings come from within and are meant to be an experience.

Imagine playing in the ocean waves.

There’s so many fun ways to play in the waves….we can dive into them, jump over them, surf on top of them, let them smack us around a bit….

But wouldn’t our experience feel much different if there were no pause between the waves?

No time to catch our breath or get our feet back under us.

Just wave after wave in rapid fire succession.

It would be overwhelming!

We would feel exhausted, maybe even panic.

We’d go from playing in the waves to trying to survive.

The lulls between the waves are an equal part of the experience, they bring balance.

They give us time to relax, to regroup, to recenter, to rebuild.

Trying to feel happy all the time is like being in the surf facing wave after wave with no lull in between.

We have been taught to believe that if we're not happy something is wrong with us and we need to try harder, work harder, make more money, buy more things, change partners, have a baby, go on a vacation….All looking for our next “fix”, chasing that illusive carrot. It’s an addiction,

just like any other addiction created by a world designed to entrap us, exhaust us, deplete our life force energy so we die filling unfulfilled….like we failed at life. We innocently get caught up in the trap and miss the whole point of life.

We’re powerful creators playing in a sea of emotional experiences.

We feel joyful and giddy and then dive deep into sorrow and despair.

In truth, we can’t know one without the other.

Every experience serves our growth and evolution.

Every feeling is part of the joy of being alive.

We have the power to create a life of turbulence or a life of serenity…and anything in between.

When we begin to take responsibility for our reality by owning our thoughts, our beliefs, and our feelings….everything changes.

We’ll experience more moments of peace.

We’ll see more love in the world.

We’ll create more joy in our lives.

When were tuned into who we are on the inside…we feel abundant, creative, safe, secure, seen, heard, supported, loved, fulfilled, whole, and complete.

Nothing external is needed.

”We have everything we need inside of us”

Until next time, be gentle with yourself and remember, you are so much more than you have allowed yourself to believe.

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