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There I was...






Suddenly...everything changed.

My mortality met my immortality.

I built a cocoon around me and prepared to die.

While in my cocoon Life played out by its own initiative.

I had zero control.

Nothing was the same.

Where I had once crawled on the ground,

I now lay safely ensconced in the protection of my cocoon.

Where I once felt small in my surroundings,

I now took up the entirety of my space.

All things of my former life and way of being fell away...

One by one.

Piece by piece.

I did indeed die.

Yet, I was very much alive.

I had no idea what my new life would look like...only that I was still alive.

Emerging from the safe, comforting home of my cocoon was a long, slow, tumultuous process.

There were days I got glimpses of the brilliant light of the outside world,

I was equally excited and terrified.

There were days when the thought of moving forward was simply too much.

One step forward...

Two steps backwards

Went the dance.

With each step forward I gained strength, confidence and belief in myself.

Until, one day, at last...

I broke free!

Breaking free from the role of victim to become the hero is like the caterpillar's struggle to break free from it's cocoon. Every scrape, every set back, every wound, every stumble serves to strengthen their beautiful, delicate wings so that one day they become their truest selves and soar!

The unfolding of your most miraculous self is a process. Wherever you find yourself in this process, I hope that you will recall the tremendous strength, courage and faith of the caterpillar and the majestic power of the butterfly. You can do this.

Lots of love ~


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