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Being a "misfit" is a tremendous honor!

Why am I so different?

Why can’t I just blend in?

Why am I such a misfit?

In a world full of shades of gray, it can be really hard to be the kaleidoscope of neon colors!

In the late 1920’s the television first became available, and the picture was in black and white!

It wasn’t until the mid 1960’s that color broadcasting was even introduced into the US.

And look where we are today…. living in HighDef technicolor!

Anybody want to go back to black and white? LOL

Like the Television…. humanity is evolving.

You and I are different because we are the new model.

We’re the vibrant HD Smart TV’s!

I’ve been technicolor my entire life…. I didn’t understand why I was so different. Why nobody around me could see what I saw or feel what I felt.

It was especially hard as a child.

I tried to douse my light….like Rudolph!

When Rudolph was born his proud papa was so ashamed of his shiny red nose that he made him cover it up.

Poor little Rudolph.

That fake nose made him talk funny, made him feel self-conscious, like something was wrong with him.

He sang, “Why am I such a misfit? I am not just a nit wit. I’m an adorable reindeer. Why don’t I fit in?”

It’s not easy being the black sheep in the family.

It’s not easy being different and only wanting to belong and be loved as a child.

It’s not easy being an empathic sponge and absorbing the pain and negativity of our environment.

It’s hard when we can’t see the bigger picture….the path ahead is revealed one step at a time.

We don’t get all the pieces of the puzzle, only the next piece.

We all know Rudolph’s story ends with him guiding Santa's sleigh on that foggy Christmas eve night and becoming the hero that saved Christmas.

Rudolph’s destiny was to lead, and leaders are born different.

“Misfits” are born bright, strong, and resilient.

They HAVE to be because those destined to lead must overcome ALOT in order to take on the enormous mantle of leadership.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Being a leader is a HUGE responsibility.

Leaders are tough. We’re persistent, wise and strong.

We take ALOT of hits, cuts, scratches and piercings….and we keep going.

I know it may be hard to believe from where you are right now…. but there are others like you. You aren’t alone.

When we get an infection, our bodies send an army of white blood cells to attack the invading virus. Wherever the virus is, the warrior white blood cells go to fight.

Like white blood cells, we came as an army of light, to battle in the darkest, sickest places.

We didn’t come here to play along with the status quo.

To blend into the darkness of this planet.

We came to heal and transform a sick world…

We knew we would forget why we came.

We knew it would be hard.

We knew there was a chance of getting overtaken by the darkness….

We did not know if we would succeed….

And yet despite all of that, our belief in ourselves and our love for humanity was so strong…

We came anyway.

If that’s not bravery…if that’s not courage…if that’s not love…. then I don’t know what is.

You came knowing you would be abused….

You came knowing you would experience heartache and pain….

You came knowing you would have a hard journey….

You came knowing you would be hurt….

You came knowing you would not know love as a child….

You came knowing you would become the hero of your own story

and become a beacon of hope for others.

That’s so powerful!

It’s so beautiful!

That’s YOU!!

You are doing it warrior of light!

You are healing this world!

You ARE the change this world so desperately needs.

You are the liberator of yourself, your ancestors, and so very much more.

What you are doing here is HUGE!!

That’s why your life has been so hard.

Why you never fit in.

Why you are so different.

Why you could never blend in.

In a world that desperately needs leaders willing to be their true authentic selves, being a “misfit” is a true honor.

My beloved fellow “misfits’, you are on a powerful, beautiful mission.

You are so supported, so loved, and so cherished.

Until next time be gentle with yourself and remember,

You are so much more than you’ve allowed yourself to believe ~

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