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Are you on a hero’s journey and don’t know it?

Are you on a hero's journey and don't even know it?

Did you grow up in a home where violence and abuse were a normal part of your day?

Did it take everything you had just to survive? Did you try to create a life for yourself only to find it crumbling apart?

If you are answering “Yes”, then let me be the first to Welcome you to the hero's journey.

You probably already know that this is not an easy path.

But do you know that you took it on because you knew that you were strong enough to not only survive…but to thrive?

A hero isn’t born a hero. A hero is created; and every great hero needs an equally great villain…or two.

Just as a tiny acorn has the potential to become a mighty oak tree, we have the potential within us to become the heroes of our own lives.

For the acorn to fulfill its mighty destiny it must be buried in the dirt and wait in the dark unknown…

Then find the strength to push through the dark and break free into the light.

You too have been planted in the dark.

We were born into families where abuse was normalized.

We were indoctrinated into a crazy world where our greatest challenge was simply to survive.

We built lives based on the conditioning, traumas, fears and limiting beliefs of our past.

We looked for love in all the wrong places.

We sought validation and acceptance from others.

We walked around with massive holes inside our hearts and souls filling them in self destructing ways; excessive spending, gambling, pornography, drugs, alcohol….

We tried to conform to the world we knew, a world we came to transform.

But to fulfill our hero's destiny, that world would have to shatter into a million pieces.

Leaving us alone to face ourselves.

To face our truth.

To face what we have become and discover who we truly are.

Forced to sit in isolation, in the dark.

To forget everything we once knew.

Just as the acorn has the support of the nutrients in the soil, the rain and the sun, we too are surrounded by love and support, helping us find a new way, our true north, our way home.

We’ll learn to slow down and appreciate the small things.

We’ll become the loving parent our inner child so desperately needs.

We’ll learn to fill the empty holes inside us with things that bring us happiness and peace.

We’ll begin to nourish our bodies by making healthier choices.

We’ll learn to validate and accept ourselves.

We’ll create healthy boundaries and finally feel safe.

We’ll learn to forgive… first ourselves; and eventually, yes, our villians.

When we reconnect to our truth, to our power; we’ll rise from the darkness and break free into the light.

Not every acorn grows into a mighty oak tree, and not everyone will finish the hero’s journey.

It takes tremendous strength to gather the pieces of ourselves and start over.

It takes courage to face our fears and unlearn everything we once believed.

It’s an intense journey…

There’ll be days when we can only take life one breath at a time

And days when we need help to breathe.

But those of us who dare to sit in the darkness and reclaim our strength and power will help give birth to a new world.

We didn’t come to conform to this insane world; we came to create a new one.

A world of unity, peace and equality.

A world built on acceptance, compassion and love.

We are the ones we have been waiting for; we are the change we wish to see.

Like individual threads in a beautiful tapestry, when we reclaim our power, we change the very fabric of the Universe.

One day you'll look back and realize that every heartache, every pain, every challenge, every obstacle, and yes, every villain was worth overcoming and creating a life you are truly worthy of.

I honor you. I honor your journey and I thank you for taking on this sacred calling.

Until next time, be gentle with yourself and remember, you are so much more than you have allowed yourself to believe. Namaste ~

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