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Empowered Metamorphosis

You have the power to set yourself FREE ~

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Meet Jennifer

After a lifetime of pretending everything was okay, while internally barely holding it together, my world shattered into a million pieces. Over four decades of buried physical, emotional and mental pain demanded to be acknowledged and healed. And so began my nine year healing odyssey.

My Specializations

Healing the pain of physical, sexual, spiritual, emotional, verbal, psychological, and financial well as betrayal, rejection, abandonment, neglect and many other things opposite of love, has given me wisdom and a knowing that only comes from walking through the pain. On the other side of pain, love is there waiting to break free.

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Past Life Integration

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Inner Child Healing

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 Dysfunctional Family Patterns

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 Codependent Relationships

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Childhood Trauma/Abuse

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Chronic Pain