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Say Good-Bye to Negative Thoughts!

Some days it’s tough being human.

Ever have one of those days?

When I feel that way it’s usually because I’m wanting to be somewhere else…some days literally, and other days figuratively.

Some days I can’t stop thinking about my dream house.

Other days it's travel and adventure that occupy my mind.

There’re also days when I want my business to be at a different place, or my body to look differently.

And days when I long to share my day with my beloved.

It’s those days that are hardest to pull myself out of the proverbial rabbit hole.

The truth is, it’s our thoughts that land us in that pit.

Our thoughts take us out of the present.

Most of us live our lives bouncing between the past and the future.

It’s habit…it’s conditioning….

We slide down…. because it’s so familiar.

We know what it’s like to be in that hole.

To be in the darkness with our depressing thoughts.

Our thoughts create our realities…. but most of our thoughts are in our subconscious minds and most of them aren’t even ours!

We are constantly being programmed through music, advertisements, entertainment and the many systems in our society…. not only that but have you ever wondered why certain families are more prone to certain diseases?

Exactly how things are passed down genetically?

Why when we see the doctor, we list diseases and illnesses that our parents and grandparents had?

We inherit many things from our parents…. what if we also inherit their beliefs?

Think about it…. if you’re a parent you know you’ve experienced this…

Your kid does something, and you react …just like your parents did.

As the words fly out of your mouth you might stand there in disbelief thinking…what just happened?! That’s not me!

That’s your subconscious mind revealing itself in things called triggers. For more on triggers check out my video on them.

Our thoughts are powerful enough to create disease in our bodies….

The word disease, dis ease, means not at ease, or not aligned, or missing the mark, or sinning.

Ever wonder about that phrase “Sins of the father”?

It’s passed down beliefs. A belief is just a thought we keep thinking.

Thoughts contribute to our diseases and illnesses and are linked to toxic beliefs we inherit from our families and the society we live in.

Changing our thought patterns is crucial to healing and preventing those inherited physical and mental illnesses.

It’s also a great honor to have them;)

Maybe like me you have always felt different, like you didn't quite belong to your family.

Or maybe your family treated you like the black sheep, and you received the brunt of their dysfunction.

If so….then it’s because you are here to heal it on behalf of your entire family.

I know it’s a lot to consider, isn’t it?

Just sit with that realization for a moment.

Do you feel resonance within your body as you hear these words?

You volunteered to be the family’s healer.

You were chosen by your family to take on your family's dysfunction, dis ease, and toxic patterns of thinking, because you have the skills, the wisdom, and the power to heal it within yourself…. and in doing so…pave the way for them.

What if those negative thoughts we hear, those thoughts that feel like home, thoughts we have heard all our lives…. are actually the painful thoughts and beliefs of our ancestors?

Beliefs they didn't have the tools to overcome.

But you do light warrior….you do.

Your family might not be able to tell you in this lifetime how very grateful and proud they are of you…but on a soul level they are completely in awe of your strength and devotion and so very grateful.

So how can we better navigate those days when we are sliding around the edge of the rabbit hole?

Imagine you’re in the produce section of your grocery store and you see some bright red tomatoes. Your mouth starts watering, and you decide to buy one. You pick up tomato after tomato, inspecting them, in order to choose the perfect one to put in your buggy.

Negative thoughts are like rotten tomatoes and just like you wouldn’t put a rotten tomato in your buggy, you don’t have to claim every thought you have as your own.

When our cart is full of junk food and rotten fruit…. we end up at the bottom of that rabbit hole sitting in the dark.

In order to stay out of the pit, we need to throw out the rotten fruit and start replacing the junk food with real nourishing food.

Just like changing a radio station in our car, we can change which thoughts we tune into.

Thoughts that are truly ours, and not from a sick society or from our family's dysfunction, sound completely different.

They’re loving and supportive.

Kind and encouraging.

They tell us things like

“Everything is always working out for me!”

“It’s okay, everything is figure outable.”

and “I am so supported and loved.”

One of my favorite ways to unlock my subconscious mind…is through writing.

Journaling is an invaluable tool for processing what’s inside of us.

Writing taps into the powerful process of creation and allows us to create things we want and also release things we don’t want.

So how do I start?

Just write.

Write out everything you’re thinking. No judgment.

No analyzing the thoughts, just get them out of your head.

After they’re all out, choose two or three, and then rewrite them in a more positive way.

For example, if you keep thinking,

“I’m such a failure. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I get my act together?”

You could rewrite something like

“I am doing the best I can. If I could do better, I would.

I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

If somebody else were in my physical shoes they would be doing exactly what I’m doing.”

This grace will gently shift you to gratitude…. record what you are grateful for.

” I am so grateful for where I am now. I remember where I was 5 years ago. Thank God I’m not there now! I have so much to celebrate! Look at all I have already accomplished in my life.”

Can you feel the relief in your body already?

This rewriting is actually rewiring your brain to tune into your true thoughts…. that other channel on the radio;)

On behalf of your family and all of humanity, I thank you, I honor you and I support you on your incredible journey.

Until next time, be gentle with yourself and remember, you are so much more than you have allowed yourself to believe ~

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